oils and potions

Conjure Oils
$12.00 per 15mls

Conjure Oils
these conjure oils are created in conjunction with Spirit. Use these oils in spells, to dress a candle, a petition paper, to feed a mojo or spirit house. They can also be use to anoint yourself to imbibe magical energy

$12.00 per 15ml bottle


$15.00 per 100mls

Magical potion sprays
$15.00 100 ML

Luxurious fragrance with magical attributes.
These magical potions are made from hand crafted conjure oils, using essential oils, herbs, roots and magick. They have been turned into fragrance sprays keeping their magical energy. You can use them on yourself, as a perfume, in a room, on a candle or in the bath.


Healing and transformation through art