WItch craft

putting the CRAFT back in Witchcraft

Do you feel drawn to witchcraft but don’t know where to start? Have you been practicing as a solo eclectic but need a bit of guidance?

For 13 months we will get together and discuss the basics of witchcraft, how you can form your own crooked path, there will be a practical portion of each class.

We will build upon skills learned each month , have rituals, spell work , sabbath celebrations.

Each class will include a meditation and a crafting portion, you will put your energy, intent and experience into a handmade item in each class.

these classes will be a mix of Amercian witchcraft, animism, American folk magick, and traditional witchcraft. With an emphasis on finding your own path.

All workshop supplies and a light lunch included.
concession available, send me an email

The Medication Space
second sunday of each month starting February 9th

$45 each class. 13 classes =585
deposit of $90 then make monthly payments, or pay in full


Healing and transformation through art